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Terrarium Tv: common issues

 Terrarium TV is one of the most popular movie streaming application today. It has some of the best content available for streaming and downloading. Terrarium Tv has left other pioneer application far behind in the digital race. No doubt that the application has won hearts of many and lived up to people's expectations.

But it would be wrong to say that this application is near to perfect as that is impossible. Terrarium TV has its own issues to resolve that users notice while streaming or downloading content regularly, While I was on Terrarium, I could notice some issues which the team seriously needs to work on.

  1. The first issue to resolve is No data

There are two basic reasons for this type of issue arising again and again. First, maybe Terrarium is facing difficulty collecting links of a particular content permanently. Secondly, Terrarium Tv runs on excellent Internet connection thus with weak connection sometimes it is difficult to fulfill the request directly from Google.


This issue should be resolved soon by the team as many movies and shows are available on the application that does not contain any results or links to stream.


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  2. In sync Subtitles


Whatever you do, try any method while streaming a particular movie or episode it is difficult to synchronize subtitles with the video. There are plenty of subtitle links available on the application but when try to watch the movie with them unfortunately it is never in sync.


And the worst part is if you try all the subtitle links definitely you’ll lose on your Internet allowance. Therefore it is impossible to watch movies with subtitles sometimes.


  3. Download Subtitles


When you are on the application and want to download a file with subtitles, undoubtedly the application provides you this option but it never works. Users should know this that Subtitles on Terrarium Tv never download with the video. To go through second option the downloaded file gives you an opportunity to get subtitles online whereas this option never works.


So we can be sure that these options are just there to influence customers but they never work and yes it is quite annoying.




Terrarium Tv is really turning out to be the best in the digital world but with a little pinch of salt to cover. Whatever they do the users can sooner or later recognize these problems with the video.

Leaving these issues behind we can say that the video quality and links they provide are definitely better than any other movie streaming application. No application can be perfect so we can ignore these problems for now but soon team Terrarium has to find solutions for this. What do you say?


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