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ShowBox app for Blackberry devices

Blackberry users are in luck; the popular app ShowBox can be downloaded to their devices and used just as easily as on an Android device. Flashback to when there weren’t any good apps on Blackberry’s app store. The company finally admitted defeat after trying to make sense of the situation, and trying to get more developers making apps. So now, all BB OS over 10.2.1 can sport Android apps. And on course, ShowBox app is no exception.



Why get ShowBox for Blackberry?


Well, the app makes a pretty compelling case for you to get it on your device. ShowBox for Android has been giving its users some pretty amazing features, and all those benefits are available to Blackberry users too. Here are some of them.

  1. Download as many movies as you fancy. Same goes for TV show episodes, with the latest episode available right up to the pilot episodes.

  2. The app has multiple resolutions for almost every piece of entertainment in the collection.

  3. There are also multiple servers, in case you prefer to get the content via torrent than from a different server.

  4. You can get subtitles, related content, and share and bookmark stuff for later as well.


There’s tens of other things you can do with the app. There’s hardly any app that can compete with this sort of service. Let’s see how to install the app on your device.


Showbox | Top Rated Streaming Application


How to Install ShowBox for Blackberry devices.


The steps are pretty simple. Also, you can put in any other apk file in place of ShowBox to install any other app you fancy. Here’s what to do.

  1. Download ShowBox apk file from the internet. There is also a mod file available without ads and torrent files. It is also half the size, in case the 40 MB size of the original bothers you.

  2. Use a file explorer to locate the downloaded file. Or use the download manager built in.

  3. Tap the downloaded ShowBox apk file to run the download.

  4. Go through the permissions carefully at this point. If you’re Ok with them, press Install.

  5. The app should be ready in a moment. Use it to watch all your favorite TV shows and movies of your BB device.


It’s really fun. You should really try this app out for your Blackberry. The 40 MB space is totally justified with all the movies you can watch on ShowBox app.


You can also download showbox app from :